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Stargazer® Hair chalk


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Use the Stargazer temporary Hair chalks to create instant vibrant colours that wash out with one shampoo that sets quickly without mess and doesn’t need hair spray. The colour is Ideal for all hair types, even coloured hair We have taken the mess out of the hair chalk application with our new system that is easy to apply and quick to rinse out. The sponge is applied to the inside of the lid. This helps push the hair on to the colour when the hair is sandwiched in the hair chalk packaging. The colour can be applied to wet or dry hair and it washes off with just water.
The 8 shades of temporary hair chalks all have the instructions of use on the packaging.

Hair chalk color

Neon blue Hair chalk, Neon green Hair chalk, Neon magenta Hair chalk, Neon Orange Hair chalk, Neon pink Hair chalk, Neon red Hair chalk, Neon violet Hair chalk, Neon yellow Hair chalk


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